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Welcome to the Self-correcting Media Maelstrom

If you’re a news and politics junkie like me, it’s been a head-spinning couple of weeks. First, a Buzzfeed article claimed that Donald Trump asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Other media swarmed around the story, feeding 24 hours … Continue reading

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Does Social Media Marketing need a Reboot? Drew Neisser Chimes in

I have been blogging about challenges confronting digital PR and social media marketing. You can read those posts to learn more. In a nutshell, issues have surfaced over the past couple of years (related to fake news, online manipulation, growing … Continue reading

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ENGAGE: NYC Reveals the King of Storytelling

I enjoyed last week’s ENGAGE: NYC Digital Storytelling Conference. Talk NYC founder Derek Smith and his team put on a great event, featuring thought leaders from agencies, startups, and major brands. They covered the state of storytelling and where it’s … Continue reading

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How to Maximize Social? This New Book by Neal Schaffer Explains

Cross-posted on Fusion Forum Neal Schaffer’s book Maximize Your Social (Wiley) just came out, and this is exciting for several reasons. One, he just plain knows this stuff. If you’re not already familiar, Neal (bio) is a Forbes top 50 … Continue reading

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Turning the Web Din into a Vibrant Content Marketplace with Content Curation

My monthly Content Marketing column, which ran today, offers content curation tips that are based on how the pros do it (meanling professional online publishers and news sites). The appeal of curation for content and social media marketers is obvious; … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the Storytelling World as we Know it: My Interview with Doug Rushkoff

I am a big fan of author Doug Rushkoff, and have read many of his books, starting with Media Virus back in the late 90s.. Doug has a knack for being the first to spot and describe things which in … Continue reading

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Online Privacy Fears: Does FOMO trump TMI?

The Journal had a big What They Know article series about the growing market for information about online personal info and activities; it cast the vendors that serve the market in a pretty dark light. Earlier this year, TIME magazine … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Tech Marketing – and How to Fix it (Forrester Interview)

As I blogged last week, I spoke with Dr. Thomas Grant of Forrester about a new report: Tech Marketers Pursue Antiquated Marketing Strategies. Our wide-ranging discussion covered many topics that should be of interest to Flack’s Revenge readers. The report … Continue reading

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Chasing the Viral Holy Grail

As I said in my post Rethinking the PR Pitch and Campaign: What this boils down to is that the objective for your next campaign might not be to snag that briefing, series or briefings, or exclusive… I also posed … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Machine

I delivered a seminar to the Fusion PR staff last week, and re-played at this session the by-now-famous video by KSU Professor Michael Wesch, the Machine is Us (above), as part of a crash course in the power of Web … Continue reading

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