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It’s the End of the Truth as we Know it – is PR fine?

It’s like we went to sleep in late 2016 and woke up with a post-election, New Years, fake news, post-truth hangover. Before, we generally believed in the sanctity of truth and reason. Now nothing seems real, and it is hard to … Continue reading

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Singles’ Day on Chinese Social Media

This latest in our PR in Asia series was contributed by guest blogger Eiffy Luo, a multimedia story teller who discovered her passion for business and journalism through work at, Reuters and the New York Times. The post is … Continue reading

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Ted Underwood on Topic Modeling and PR

I like to follow developments in unstructured data and text mining.  Advances in these areas can mean big things for PR and social media marketing.  The din is only growing in social media chatter and online content. Those with the … Continue reading

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PR’s Dr. Death is at it Again (How Real is the Threat from Google)?

There has been much buzz about Google’s new Webmaster rules, in the wake of Tom Foremski’s article: Did Google Just Kill PR Agencies? (My friend and former Fusionite Chris Michaels alerted me to the story; thanks, Chris!) Foremski has something … Continue reading

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Turning the Web Din into a Vibrant Content Marketplace with Content Curation

My monthly Content Marketing column, which ran today, offers content curation tips that are based on how the pros do it (meanling professional online publishers and news sites). The appeal of curation for content and social media marketers is obvious; … Continue reading

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Content Curation Update and Roundup

I am working on my monthly Windmill Networking content marketing column, and thought it would be a good time to revisit my article Blow Out Your Content Markerting and Lead Social Conversations witih Content Curation, which ran in March. So … Continue reading

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Social Media: To ROI or not to ROI, that is the Question

This week on Windmill Networking, I wrote about how to measure and earn ROI for social media-fueled content marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, before you even get started, your campaign can get lost in the corporate approval quagmire: one, because securing any … Continue reading

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New Research Sheds Light on How News Spreads Online

Breakthrough Identifies Roles of Influencers and Paves the way for Further Study A story in the New York Times recently caught my attention. The simple title Why Some Twitter Posts Catch on and Others Don't, seemed to promise an article … Continue reading

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Google Refresh is a Good Thing for PR, Social Media and the Web

Google was in the news this week for making significant adjustments to its search algorithm. Their move was an apparent response to all the outcry about high rankings for low quality content, which in turn has been driven by the … Continue reading

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SMAFUs: What they are and how to avoid them

A colleague burst into my office, concerned over an update she had seen on LinkedIn that led her to believe one of our top people had left the agency for another job. Later that same day, our LA manager sent … Continue reading

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