Help! The AI Ate my Web Search! Will SEO Ever be the Same?

Your company has fought long and hard to climb in the search engine results. But SEO is changing, driven by AI and new ways in which we find info and answers online.

Is it time to panic? How can companies prepare for the coming disruption without losing ground in influencing search (and now, AI chat) results?

To find out, we invited our friend, VP at seoClarity and SEO guru Mark Traphagen back onto the podcast.

It was a great conversation. In 20 minutes, Mark shed light on these areas:

  • How big a deal is AI for search and SEO?
  • The state of Google AI Overviews
  • How it works, compared with traditional Google search and ranking
  • Can ChatGPT results be optimized?
  • Short and long term impact
  • Next steps for big brands and niche players
  • PR that can assist optimization efforts

You can watch a video of the interview here.

Check it out on Spotify and other podcasting channels.

Thanks for reading; and thank you, Mark, for sharing your insight.

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One Response to Help! The AI Ate my Web Search! Will SEO Ever be the Same?

  1. Great conversation. I’ll be checking out the SEO 5.

    When it’s time to panic, please email me. 🙂

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