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Cool and Candor, by the Numbers

If I asked you what Miley Cyrus and Warren Buffet have in common when it comes to brand building and PR, you'd probably think I was nuts. But both were the focus of recent posts about these things, and how … Continue reading

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PR’s Dr. Death is at it Again (How Real is the Threat from Google)?

There has been much buzz about Google’s new Webmaster rules, in the wake of Tom Foremski’s article: Did Google Just Kill PR Agencies? (My friend and former Fusionite Chris Michaels alerted me to the story; thanks, Chris!) Foremski has something … Continue reading

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1 Space, 2 Space, Red Face, Blue Face (Slate Rants on Punctuation and Brings PR into Fray)

My job as a senior manager at a PR agency requires me to do a fair amount of editing and writing. Yet I am an engineer by education, and my training in these things has been mostly on-the-job (see my … Continue reading

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Slang vs. Tech Jargon: So different? (I’m Just Sayin’)

An article in the NY Times last month described how the Internet is the shortening the shelf life of slang. According to the story: The number of slang dictionaries is growing, both online and off, not to mention social networking … Continue reading

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