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Your Amazing Succession PR Scene Translator

I am a big fan of Succession, an HBO Max drama about family media empire Waystar Royco, which is run by aging patriarch Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox with snarling intensity).   There’s great writing, a superb cast, and always lots … Continue reading

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What’s your Hype Cycle Time?

How to Surf the Tech Trends without Going Under Everyone is familiar with tastemakers in fashion, music and popular culture. They indicate what is hot and what is not, with words and actions.  Those who want to stay ahead of … Continue reading

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Check out our New Podcast: PR, Done & Doner

I realized that I have been making a lot of noise on the Fusion PR website about PR, Done & Doner – but have said nothing here. Three great episodes in, I guess it is about time. The podcast was … Continue reading

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Another PR Rabbit Hole to Avoid: Obscure Analyst Reports

I had blogged a while back about all those time wasters we sometimes run into; e.g. the deluge of pay-to-play offers you get right after releasing news over a wire. There’s another that has been bugging me and my teams: … Continue reading

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From Breakthrough IP to Market Leadership

Here is the third installment in my series about maximizing “secret sauce” in tech marketing. In the first post, I explored the meaning and history of the term, and shared examples. In the next one, I outlined steps to turn … Continue reading

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Turn Your Secret Sauce into a PR Asset with these 4 Steps

In my last post I explained the history and significance of secret sauce, or IP, in tech marketing. I also laid out the challenges of getting PR mileage from your core tech. To summarize, “secret sauce” underpins a solution or component.  … Continue reading

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Robin Schaffer on Maximizing Analyst Relations

It was a while since I last checked in with Robin Schaffer, when I saw on LinkedIn that she’d just published a book: Analysts on Analyst Relations. We know Robin from our work on former client NICE Systems. She managed … Continue reading

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Secret Sauce: What it is, and How to Apply for best PR Results

It can go by various names.  IP (short for intellectual property). Or proprietary tech. Or keys to the kingdom.   I like “secret sauce”.   Most who work in IT understand that this refers to the magical ingredient that sets a technology or solution … Continue reading

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How NOT to Launch an October Surprise: PR Takeaways from Trump’s Failed Attempt

An “October surprise” is news that magically “happens” before a November election, just in time to throw a wrench in the works. Politico says they can be “happenstance or deliberately orchestrated;” the article lists examples going back to 1840.  More recently, the … Continue reading

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Tesla Slams the Brakes on PR

The EV blog  Electrek broke the news last week that Tesla is dissolving its PR department.  Editor-in-chief  Fred Lambert’s story covered journalists’ growing frustrations with the comms team leading up to its shutdown. He wrote: Electrek can confirm that Tesla has dissolved … Continue reading

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