Learn How ChatGPT and AI are Transforming PR

The last two PR: Done and Doner podcasts focused on ChatGPT and AI in PR. In Episode 16, we invited a panel comprising Fusion PR account directors Mark Prindle and Diana Bost, and Stefano Pacifico, CEO and Co-founder of Epistemic AI, a company that uses AI for drug discovery.

Stefano is one of the smartest people I know in AI, a real innovator – I wanted to get his take. Both Mark Prindle and Diana Bost shared how they are using the tech to help with their work; while Mark had amusing stories about geeking out on AI apps with his 10-yeard old son.

We covered:

  • Real-world PR use cases for ChatGPT today
  • Pitfalls of ChatGPT
  • State of AI, how far off is Artificial General Intelligence?
  • How PR teams can responsibly harness its power
  • Other generative AI solutions

In Episode 17, we invited a panel of experts to discuss the adoption of LLM, generative, and other forms of AI. Two vendors and a PR tech blogger spoke at length about challenges, opportunities and use cases.  The session included:

It was great to learn how the PR tech vendors are moving quickly to adapt. A common concern is: will AI take my job away? But that would not be a good business model, would it, for those who sell solutions into PR and marketing? Chatbots are a poor substitute for paid seats.

Frank Strong did a great job discussing the PR tech vendor landscape, referencing this comprehensive post. Zach and Tressa discussed AI adoption at Propel and Burrelles, respectively. Other vendors’ AI moves were discussed too, including:

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