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Of Immoderate Moderators and Paranoid Pols

Is the press really the enemy? That was Nixon’s line – and I was in a Nixon frame of mind, having just finished the excellent book Crooked by Austin Grossman. It is a faux memoir, written in the former president’s … Continue reading

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Open letter to Media: Please get this Blowhard to Shut up Go Away

I am getting a little tired of all the media hyperventilating about a certain Republican presidential candidate; you know the one with the dead rodent looking thingie on the top of his head. There is a numbing sameness to the … Continue reading

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Better Call Saul the PR Hound

I really loved the AMC show Breaking Bad.  It seems like only yesterday that my girlfriend and I binged on it, getting through all the seasons in a couple of months. This time I wanted to get an early start … Continue reading

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Hate Spin? Sorry, We Get the News (and PR) that we Want

Two stories I saw recently and new research gave the PR field an answer for spin haters. Note, I am not saying that PR = Spin. And who says spin is necessarily bad? We all spin. It so happens that … Continue reading

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What Tech Marketers can Learn from Banksy Buzztoberfest

In New York, it was hard to escape the Banksy onslaught  last month. The enigmatic artist seemed to be everywhere and nowhere; omnipresent because the media covered him non-stop; yet tantalizingly out of sight, leaving a trail of pop-up art in … Continue reading

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One Small Step for Crowdfunding; A Giant Leap for Startups

Last year I wrote about online crowdfunding, and how it could give startups another way to not just raise capital but also take their stories public. There was much excitement here in the NY tech community and nationally about the … Continue reading

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Tear Down that eHail Wall, Mr. Mayor!

Allow eHail apps to hail cabs in NYC! A judge just denied NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's quest to outlaw large sugary drinks here.  Now I hear that Bloomberg has styrofoam cups in his crosshairs. Since the Mayor has been such … Continue reading

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So, How did Lance Armstrong do? Was it a good PR Move?

It was one of the world's worst kept secrets: Lance Armstrong's decision to tell all on Oprah. The media widely covered this leading up to the interviews, and speculated about motives, what would be revealed, etc. I thought t that … Continue reading

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Is a Town Hall Debate an Example of Content Marketing? One Authority Says “Yes”

My monthly column on Windmill Networking, which went live today, focuses on content marketing in politics – and the lessons that we can learn and apply. Despite its title is ("Hail to the Content Chief"), the article was intentionally non-partisan.  … Continue reading

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Doubling Down on Sheer Idiocy

I used to love reading William Safire's NY Times magazine column On Language. Safire, was, among other things, a wordsmith. He loved to examine the hot phrases and words of the day, exploring their origins,  usage and relevance. If Safire … Continue reading

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