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Google, you Complete Me! (A warm Thanksgiving tale)

It started several months ago. I was writing a Gmail when grey words mysteriously appeared ahead of my typing. “Hmmm, must be some new functionality,” I thought.  Then: “Hey, this just might be interesting and useful!” The suggested words did … Continue reading

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In Defense of “Fake News”

More people are wondering about the weird crap that mysteriously appears in their news feeds. How much is fake news? Did disinformation tilt an election? What are Google and Facebook going to do to clean up the mess? You could … Continue reading

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The Jury is in on double Dipping

It took about 15 years, but the scientific method has finally given us an answer to the question that is on everyone’s mind as we approach Super Bowl Sunday. The answer is not "the Giants! (We can only hope here … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Wizard

This post sadly notes the passing of that icon of propellerhead geekdom, Don Herbert, otherwise known as Mr. Wizard. My baby boomer readers and friends who grew up in the 60’s will fondly remember him. Here is the Associated Press … Continue reading

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Croquet, Anyone?

Here’ a light topic to consider for the approaching weekend. I love those Bud Light commercials – Real Men of Genius Perhaps they should do one for those extreme kite flyers in Pakistan. "Who?" you ask. Did you know that … Continue reading

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