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1 More Reason for Media to Hate Tech; Thanks Peter Thiel

Long time readers of this blog may recall my Extreme Media Relations series, about those who go overboard to sway the press. It’s been years, but I thought I’d post another just for Peter Thiel. In case you’ve been living … Continue reading

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Check out Geek Art & Design at Creative Tech Week NYC

My local tech networking and meetup wanderings took me to a cool destination last night – the opening party of Creative Tech Week, at the Clemente Center on the Lower East Side. I had been invited to CTW and did … Continue reading

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No one Cares about Your News – Now What? Join us on 2/23

The game is changing in marketing and PR. There’s increasing competition for the customer’s attention. It’s difficult to get anyone to care about news, content and brands. Traditionally, most sought press coverage to build awareness and credibility. However, it is … Continue reading

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How to Get Press for Your Startup

Top Reporters Share Tips at Enterprise Tech Meetup New York Enterprise Tech Meetup is one of my favorite tech events in the city.  So I quickly signed up when my friend John Kaczala (also a NYETM regular) alerted me to … Continue reading

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Meetup Explores the Art of the PR Pitch

The NYC PR Innovators meetup hosted a session on The Art (and Science) of the PR Pitch at District CoWork last week, where I participated as a panelist. Over 50 people attended, and organizer Erin Commarato ran a very lively … Continue reading

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CUNY Meetup Showcases Journalism Startups

If you work in PR, it is good to keep an eye on the world of media innovation.  You don’t want to be the last to hear about the up and comers – e.g. the next BuzzFeed or Vice.   Some … Continue reading

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Cracking the Quadrant – Confessions of a former Gartner Analyst

I attended a meetup recently that featured a speaker who had once been a Gartner analyst. He shared his insights about the inner workings of the firm, and how to get the most out of analyst relations programs. It was … Continue reading

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March NY Tech Meetup

People flocked to the March NY Tech Meetup on Tuesday, despite the snowy weather. Skirball Hall at NYU was packed to capacity, as it tends to be for these events. All seemed excited and ready to see the evening’s demos.  … Continue reading

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What Tech Marketers can Learn from Banksy Buzztoberfest

In New York, it was hard to escape the Banksy onslaught  last month. The enigmatic artist seemed to be everywhere and nowhere; omnipresent because the media covered him non-stop; yet tantalizingly out of sight, leaving a trail of pop-up art in … Continue reading

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One Small Step for Crowdfunding; A Giant Leap for Startups

Last year I wrote about online crowdfunding, and how it could give startups another way to not just raise capital but also take their stories public. There was much excitement here in the NY tech community and nationally about the … Continue reading

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