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Off to the Social Tools Summit

I am very much looking forward to attending the Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools15) in Boston next Tuesday, where I will be moderating a session on content marketing. Neal Schaffer invited me to participate awhile back, and I jumped at the … Continue reading

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3 Surefire Open Spaces Marketing Tactics

Last month I explained the Open Spaces Marketing concept.¬† Basically, it is about¬†getting your customer’s attention by avoiding noise and going where competitors aren’t. I also shared a tip that should be especially effective for those who work in the … Continue reading

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Forrester to Tech Marketers: Grow Up!!! (Interview with Dr. Tom Grant)

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Thomas Grant about a new report from Forrester: Tech Marketers Pursue Antiquated Marketing Strategies.  Handshake 2.0 blogger Anne Giles Clelland had alerted me to the study, which sounded very relevant to the … Continue reading

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Wikileaks, the New Face of Investigative Journalism?

Until recently, Wikileaks.org was a little known website that outed sensitive information about businesses and government.  The site has now achieved prominence by posting a video of a U.S. Army air assault in Baghdad that killed Reuters photographers. In finding … Continue reading

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What is YOUR Brand of Social Media Snake Oil?

I have a post on Social Fluency today about a backlash to social media consultants that may be brewing. I can relate to this.  Although I don't mean to discount the success of the social media elite, I am not … Continue reading

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Now Blogging at Social Fluency

Just thought I'd let Flack's Revenge readers know that I will also be blogging at Social Fluency.  Social Fluency is the name of the "pure play" social media PR agency that we are launching.  The post I have there today … Continue reading

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What to Blog

A number of my clients who have started blogs are running into the age-old (well, years old by now, anyway) question: what to blog? Successful blogs are not all over the map, they tend to hew to a topical area … Continue reading

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