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Wall Street Journal says Product News can Counter Bad Buzz and Lift Stocks

The Journal wrote last week about the effects (both good and bad) that social media reviews and other forms of online chatter can have on a company's stock price. Online reviews can…have an impact on the stock price of the … Continue reading

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PR News Digital Guide: Boosting Social Media & PR with Content Curation

PR News Digital Guidebook is out now, and I am pleased to say that it includes an article I wrote on how to boost PR and social media results with content curation. Please see below for a brief excerpt Do … Continue reading

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It’s Green Day here in NY

Fusion painted the company green today. No, not green as in money or green tech, I mean “painting” quite literally – the Fusion PR New York team took a little break to coat the walls of its office in bright … Continue reading

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Are Penn State and other Schools like Teflon when it Comes to Crises?

In the Jewish religion, there is a saying we keep in mind to help us stay strong during tough times: "this too  shall pass." A story in the New York Times sports section yesterday – Some Lessons in Damage Control … Continue reading

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Branding and Ad Tech on Display in New York City this Week

I set aside ny usual client and agency activities yesterday, and split the day between Jeff Pulver's BRANDsconf in the morning and Ad:Tech New York in the afternoon.  The latter is a much bigger event, an actual trade show. BRANDSconf … Continue reading

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Tablets Lead Way to Power News Consumers, and Apps for PR

More people are using tablets, and in some cases spending more time with them than other devices and media channels. What are the implications of this trend for the PR field? For starters, tablets can update and improve on many … Continue reading

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When Worlds – and Online Friends – Collide

I was running an educational session on using social media to further media relations objectives here at Fusion PR. Towards the end, we allowed time for people to share their experiences and thoughts. While most seemed to agree that it … Continue reading

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App Against the Wall (Yer Busted, and, Yes, There’s an App for That)

It is tempting to think, wouldn't it be great if all of life's problems could be solved with a simple app? This question occurred to me as I read a NY Times article yesterday; About to be Hauled off in … Continue reading

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