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So, How did Lance Armstrong do? Was it a good PR Move?

It was one of the world's worst kept secrets: Lance Armstrong's decision to tell all on Oprah. The media widely covered this leading up to the interviews, and speculated about motives, what would be revealed, etc. I thought t that … Continue reading

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Lowbrow Branding Effort

There are so many important stories that I can be blogging about. The Supreme Court Decision on Obama's healthcare plan, for example, and how certain cable networks got the news wrong at first. There is also the Ann Curry affair … Continue reading

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Are Penn State and other Schools like Teflon when it Comes to Crises?

In the Jewish religion, there is a saying we keep in mind to help us stay strong during tough times: "this too  shall pass." A story in the New York Times sports section yesterday – Some Lessons in Damage Control … Continue reading

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