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It’s Green Day here in NY

Fusion painted the company green today. No, not green as in money or green tech, I mean “painting” quite literally – the Fusion PR New York team took a little break to coat the walls of its office in bright … Continue reading

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When Worlds – and Online Friends – Collide

I was running an educational session on using social media to further media relations objectives here at Fusion PR. Towards the end, we allowed time for people to share their experiences and thoughts. While most seemed to agree that it … Continue reading

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Fancy Ketchup (“Squirt in Mouth and Just Add Fries!”)

Does anyone like those ketchup packets that they hand out at delis and fast food places? Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday about this, and a new one that Heinz will be coming out with to improve on the ketchup packet … Continue reading

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Abercrombie & Fitch Lob Grenade at Jersey Shore Cast

Ah, the delicate and complicated dance between journalism and PR. We tempt them with our pitches. We run campaigns, events and sometimes stunts to get their attention and coverage. Many journalists say they are beyond our influence and ignore our … Continue reading

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Towards A More Refined Publicity Stunt

The publicity stunt is the carnival sideshow of PR.  Sure, they are used and sometimes get great results across many different types of programs and industries; having said that, I think most would agree that stunts don't show off the … Continue reading

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Bye Bye, BlackBerry

It was with mixed emotions that I laid down my BlackBerry and picked up a DroidX. Bye bye, BrickBreaker. Bye bye, Blackberry Messenger. The move was driven by equal parts device envy and the need to be on the cutting … Continue reading

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SMAFUs: What they are and how to avoid them

A colleague burst into my office, concerned over an update she had seen on LinkedIn that led her to believe one of our top people had left the agency for another job. Later that same day, our LA manager sent … Continue reading

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1 Space, 2 Space, Red Face, Blue Face (Slate Rants on Punctuation and Brings PR into Fray)

My job as a senior manager at a PR agency requires me to do a fair amount of editing and writing. Yet I am an engineer by education, and my training in these things has been mostly on-the-job (see my … Continue reading

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Leak Sites We’d Really Like to See

News broke yesterday about renegade Wiki Leakers' (is that redundant?) plans to start a kinder, gentler leak site called OpenLeaks, with a stated mission to serve up leaks without a political agenda. This led me to ask all kinds of … Continue reading

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The bed bugs ate my headline! (and the cure for this)

There is an old saying that holds particularly true in PR: "There's no accounting for taste." It is sometimes hard to understand why the media latches onto a particular story and will not let it go. This can be extremely … Continue reading

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