If Data Center Tech Were Marketed like the Republican Candidates

I heard about the latest out of a seemingly endless number of Republican debates, and thought back in GOP-Debate
amusement about a comment a friend posted on his Facebook page.  He said, sarcastically I hope, that he was looking forward to more and hoped they continued even after the election.

The campaign season so far also made me wonder what it would be like if data center tech was marketed like the Republican candidates.  Here are a few possibilities, below – do any others come to mind?

  • The leading vendors would host industry round tables in every market timed to key events in those markets
  • The round tables would be staged like Jerry Springer talk shows, where questions are designed to start fights and rile the audience
  • The participants would all argue about whose solution holds truest to industry ideals like high performance, bandwidth, improved energy and space efficiency and low latency
  • They would pile on the market leader and attack it for not achieving those ideals in a socially acceptable way
  • Their leaders would fight over who was most like industry icons
  • Their leaders would call each other out about hype, bluster and grandiosity

Most of all they would talk, talk talk.


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  1. Sure but would democratic data centers do any better 🙂

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