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94 Words, Botched Media Opp, Nary a PR Person in Sight

Most of us have heard about those 94 words: the now infamous talking points that Susan Rice used to explain what happened in the Benghazi tragedy. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal featured a blow-by-blow account of how a CIA … Continue reading

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The Hidden PR Persuaders

I am writing about a topic that you don't see buzzed about much on the PR blogs: persuasion.   Perhaps we don't talk about it because PR people might not like to see themselves as persuaders (my fellow Windmill Networking … Continue reading

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Doubling Down on Sheer Idiocy

I used to love reading William Safire's NY Times magazine column On Language. Safire, was, among other things, a wordsmith. He loved to examine the hot phrases and words of the day, exploring their origins,  usage and relevance. If Safire … Continue reading

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The Shush Heard Round the World; Republicans Fumble in Foreign Policy Flack Flameout

The New York Times reported the circumstances that led to the resignation of Romney foreign policy spokesperson Richard Grenell earlier this week.  The Romney team had asked him to keep quiet on an important call with the media – one … Continue reading

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Indian Point PR Campaign may pit Cuomo vs. Giuliani

For a PR person who loves to follow politics and lives in Northern Westchester County, NY, it just doesn't get any better. The NY Times reported today that Indian Point nuclear plant owner Entergy is in talks with former NYC … Continue reading

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Weiner and Sheen: Possibly the Best Pitchmen for PR

For the very definition of unscripted, unplugged and a little if not a lot nutty public figures, you have first Charlie Sheen and then Anthony Weiner, possibly the best advertisements for PR in recent memory. They both took us on … Continue reading

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Black and Bloomberg (Video Killed the Education Czar)

Bloomberg's embattled pick for schools chief, Cathleen Black, was removed from the position last week. In the end, it seems the empress had no clothes – or at least not everything needed to convince others (and herself) that she could … Continue reading

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From Telephone to Twitter – Hits and Misses in Andrew Cuomo’s PR Playbook

It is a new political season, and there's been lots of coverage about the new landscape and incoming class.  Politics follows not too far behind my primary passions of PR, technology and social media.  So I especially like to track … Continue reading

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Assault on the Media: When Politicians Attack

When politicians go on the attack it is a sure sign that it is campaign season, and the targets often are other politicians. However, as the New York Times wrote yesterday, in this election cycle, it would seem that the … Continue reading

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Obama v. Media: Is Tiff with Fox well Advised?

There was a good article in the NY Times Sunday Week in Review, The Battle is Joined; Now What? about the Obama administration's much talked-about dust up with the Fox News.  According to the story: Administration officials seemed to have … Continue reading

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