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Time Says Reputation is Dead on Wall Street (and Dying across Corporate America)

Most people agree that it is important for a company to have a good reputation. There is a value that can be ascribed to reputation that is very real – both intangible, i.e., related to the perceptions of a company, … Continue reading

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Bye Bye, BlackBerry

It was with mixed emotions that I laid down my BlackBerry and picked up a DroidX. Bye bye, BrickBreaker. Bye bye, Blackberry Messenger. The move was driven by equal parts device envy and the need to be on the cutting … Continue reading

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Damn, We are Good (and Stressed!!) – The Demands of the PR Profession

There's been much buzz and many tweets about an article today in Ragan's PR Daily.  It references a study by CareerCast that says that PR is the second most stressful field – ranking after commercial airline pilot (the most stressful), … Continue reading

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Online Privacy Fears: Does FOMO trump TMI?

The Journal had a big What They Know article series about the growing market for information about online personal info and activities; it cast the vendors that serve the market in a pretty dark light. Earlier this year, TIME magazine … Continue reading

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Black and Bloomberg (Video Killed the Education Czar)

Bloomberg's embattled pick for schools chief, Cathleen Black, was removed from the position last week. In the end, it seems the empress had no clothes – or at least not everything needed to convince others (and herself) that she could … Continue reading

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Study Identifies “Popularity Curves” for Online News

As I mentioned in my last post, I interviewed Jure Leskovec of Stanford University regarding new research methods that are shedding light on how news spreads online. The resulting insights should be of great interest to anyone in the field … Continue reading

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