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New Research Sheds Light on How News Spreads Online

Breakthrough Identifies Roles of Influencers and Paves the way for Further Study A story in the New York Times recently caught my attention. The simple title Why Some Twitter Posts Catch on and Others Don't, seemed to promise an article … Continue reading

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CTIA Wrap: AT&T Steals Thunder, Proving Peril of Launching News at Shows

I just wrapped up attendance at the CTIA show in Orlando. It was two action-packed days, filled with client, media and analyst meetings. CTIA is one of the few mega tech shows left., and it was great to walk the … Continue reading

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Times Profiles Press Secretary, Recalls his Classic Media Burn: “You are a hack!”

The New York Times recently profiled Jay Carney, Obama's new press secretary. The article covered Carney's background, and how world events have thrust him into the hot seat without much of a honeymoon period. The job of a press secretary … Continue reading

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Should People Get Media Training Before they use Twitter?

Over the past several years we have seen the PR field challenged as never before, and change, as tactics that outlived their usefulness were updated or fell by the wayside. I know this because I have lived and blogged about … Continue reading

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How Times Reporters Use Twitter (A Cocktail Party with Journalists)

The Public Editor column in the New York Times shines a light on how the paper covers news and seeks  to help readers better understand the reasoning behind their stories and editing decisions. This week, Public Editor Arthur Brisbane covered … Continue reading

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9 Common Press Release Errors and How to Avoid Them

This week B2Bbuzz featured an article that I wrote on how to make the best use of press releases in support of PR and marketing programs. The press release has suffered an indentity crisis in recent years.  Some have questioned … Continue reading

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Tracx Helps you Start Making Social Media Sense (and ROI Dollars)

One of the nice things about blogging is that people are constantly bringing to my attention things that they think will interest my readers (please see my post Why I Like Getting Pitches).  This helps me discover new things.  Since … Continue reading

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Google Refresh is a Good Thing for PR, Social Media and the Web

Google was in the news this week for making significant adjustments to its search algorithm. Their move was an apparent response to all the outcry about high rankings for low quality content, which in turn has been driven by the … Continue reading

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Bulldog Reporter Piece on State of PR Blogging

A Pew Research study that was in the news last week concluded that youg people are spending less time on blogs and more time on Twitter and Facebook.  This has led to some questions about the state of blogging and … Continue reading

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