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Role of Publicists in the Oscar Chase; One Seat was Vacant

If you like movies and handicapping contests, there is no better time than Academy Award season.  And if you happen to be in PR, as I am, it is interesting to follow news reports about all the behind-the-scenes marketing, maneuvering … Continue reading

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6 Degrees of Celebrity Train Wreck / Charlie “Sheeny”

I like to focus on the positive stories, even though I know that it is sometimes negative ones that can get the most attention.  A lot of this has to do with my belief in Karma – I am, after … Continue reading

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Are You Tweeting to Me? I’m the Only One Here

The Middle East is on fire with revolution. As many news articles have documented, social media has played  a key role, e.g. dissenters have used Facebook to organize and Twitter to have their voices heard. The governments in power have … Continue reading

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As the Media Turns: Has Apple Bulldozed One Deal Too Many?

It is one of those truisms that is especially relevant in the PR world: don't pick fights with those who buy ink by the barrel. While in most cases it is electrons that are at stake these days, the principle … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Tech Marketing – and How to Fix it (Forrester Interview)

As I blogged last week, I spoke with Dr. Thomas Grant of Forrester about a new report: Tech Marketers Pursue Antiquated Marketing Strategies. Our wide-ranging discussion covered many topics that should be of interest to Flack's Revenge readers. The report … Continue reading

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Forrester to Tech Marketers: Grow Up!!! (Interview with Dr. Tom Grant)

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Thomas Grant about a new report from Forrester: Tech Marketers Pursue Antiquated Marketing Strategies.  Handshake 2.0 blogger Anne Giles Clelland had alerted me to the study, which sounded very relevant to the … Continue reading

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Imaging Centers up their Image

I am a sucker for a good headline and a good story about PR. That is why yesterday's Wall Street Journal  article Boosting Medical Scans' Image caught my attention (it also doesn't hurt that I have three radiologists in my … Continue reading

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