“Buzzword Bake-off” Reveals the Most Hyped Tech Terms

Although we use lots of buzzwords in the tech industry, we don’t often consider how and why. My story in MarketingProfs examines their importance and role. It drills down on Big Data and compares related hype to other buzzed-about topics, like IoT and Virtual Reality.

Is it true, as Data-Driven NYC Meetup organizer Matt Turck said, that Big Data sounds “increasingly three years ago?” Was Gartner Group correct in retiring the term from their 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies? Which topics come out ahead in the buzzword bakeoff?

The MarketingProfs article takes a data-driven approach to answering these questions, relying on powerful software from NewsWhip, which sifts media and online buzz to see which come out ahead. Data from the NewsWhip report was used to generate the Infographic, which was produced by Venngage, with assistance from Nadya Khoja.


“Big Data” Birth And (Reported) Death Of A BuzzwordInfographic


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