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If it iBleeds, it iLeads; Is tech journalism (and PR) Broken?

Recently some media critics have found fault with the state of tech journalism, particularly in light of all the attention lavished on the new iPhone.  E.g., Tom Foremski (who previously wrote about "tedious product journalism" in tech) said, in his … Continue reading

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Doubling Down on Sheer Idiocy

I used to love reading William Safire's NY Times magazine column On Language. Safire, was, among other things, a wordsmith. He loved to examine the hot phrases and words of the day, exploring their origins,  usage and relevance. If Safire … Continue reading

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NY Tech Story Roundup: Invasion of Valley culture, Rise of AlleyCorp

Perhaps I enjoyed the end of the summer too much, and am now overdue for my usual Friday wrap on NY tech stories that are in the news.  Without further adieu, I share the latest, below: The NY Times featured … Continue reading

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Attention Story Shoppers: Only 6 Pitching Days Left (NY Times Deconstructs Tech PR in Light of Apple News)

Our clients generally have very busy PR and marketing schedules.  To get everything in, we try not to let external events dictate the pace. There are some obvious exceptions; you don't want to announce news on a major holiday, or … Continue reading

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