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Extreme Media Relations: Artist Can’t Stomach Coverage, Stages Hunger Strike

The New York Post reported today that an artist was so distraught over an article in the New Yorker that he has been staging a very public hunger strike, in an attempt to get a retraction. The strike is now … Continue reading

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What Marketers and Social Media Teams can Learn from Drudge Report

There are many applications for curation. PR and social media teams can add tremendous value by acting as a filter and finding the diamonds in the rough of all the Web noise: content that is timely and relevant, and can … Continue reading

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B-M Fiasco Another Example of the Transparent PR Campaign

One week later there are still some rumblings about the Burson Marsteller Facebook fiasco. It is a spectacle that continues to draw attention and coverage. If we look at the episode more closely, however, it becomes clear that all the … Continue reading

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Towards A More Refined Publicity Stunt

The publicity stunt is the carnival sideshow of PR.  Sure, they are used and sometimes get great results across many different types of programs and industries; having said that, I think most would agree that stunts don't show off the … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy Rampant in “When not to Pitch a Story”

There has been quite a bit of back and forth about the right time to pitch a story. Some of the voices make the seemingly reasonable point that in a busy time for news, when a mega story is breaking … Continue reading

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Research Reveals Roles of MSM, Twitter and Blogs in Online Info

In this third and final installment of my series of blog posts on research about how information spreads online, I cover the latest study from Stanford University, implications and findings for the tech sector, and offer general takeaways and advice … Continue reading

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Lies My Social Media Guru told Me

I am starting a series of posts that aim to refute common social media myths.  One of the most persistent ones is that mainstream media doesn't matter anymore, and its corollary: anyone can be a publisher these days and take … Continue reading

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