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Now Blogging at Social Fluency

Just thought I'd let Flack's Revenge readers know that I will also be blogging at Social Fluency.  Social Fluency is the name of the "pure play" social media PR agency that we are launching.  The post I have there today … Continue reading

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CNET Says “Press Conferences are Over”

I take my responsibility for maintaining the PR Death Watch list seriously.  It is a lonely and thankless vigil. So little free time.  So many PR sacred cows to slay, and anachronisms to highlight; all those knives to keep sharp; … Continue reading

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PR in the News: Errors, Corrections and Omissions Department

While most of the rest of the world is focused on the Winter Olympics, the NY Times covered another high stakes event earlier this week: the Westminster Dog Show.  More specifically, the article was about PR (or so it seemed).  … Continue reading

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Flack’s Revenge Goes 3D

Hold onto your seats, folks: Flacks Revenge is going 3D. Yes, you heard it right: a 3D blog!  Starting next month, you will need special glasses to view my blog. Some may call this a crass attempt to draw attention. … Continue reading

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Books and Advice on Blogging

I have been blogging for several years now, and have learned much along the way. I've gained a following and gradually (at least I like to think, and have been told) improved the quality of Flack's Revenge. Having said that, … Continue reading

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Super Bowl for PR

It is fun to watch the Super Bowl for just for the commercials, even if you are not a big football fan. The annual event is great PR for the advertising industry given all the buzz about the campaigns, their … Continue reading

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PR Checklists: What is the State of the PR Program?

My post on Tuesday discussed PR process and checklists. There are many types of checklists covering many different areas of PR. They can be about things as seemingly trivial as covering for a colleague on a briefing (my team sometimes … Continue reading

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Of PR, Checklists and Happy Work Places

The turning of the calendar in a new year is always a good time to reflect and look ahead.  In PR, we take start of the year as an opportunity to make sure that account basics are in place and … Continue reading

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Four Essential Characteristics of an Apology

In the NY Times Shortcuts column on Saturday, Alina Tugend wrote an excellent article: An Attempt to Revive the Lost art of the Apology. According to the piece, there are four important components to an apology: These include an acknowledgment … Continue reading

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