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Just thought I’d let Flack’s Revenge readers know that I will also be blogging at Social Fluency.  Social Fluency is the name of the “pure play” social media PR agency that we are launching.  The post I have there today will tell you more.

In a nutshell, we help clients achieve social fluency – i.e. further communications goals through use of social media – in the following ways (excerpts are from the post):

What we offer is a handcrafted approach based on in-depth knowledge
of and experience for just about every category and subcategory of tech.
We help our clients see (by social media monitoring), be seen (by
taking their stories to the right places) and influence (by helping them
have their voices heard through blogging, Twitter, social networks,

It is about communicating in a way that resonates, whether taking the
shape of an informal missive to a member of one’s social network, a
blog post or a social media release.

So, what does Social Fluency really mean? If you are in mobile
handsets, high performance data storage, desktop virtualization, CE,
gaming or Web marketing tech, we can implement a program that taps into
the buzz that is already happening in each space and helps you take your
story to the top blogs, Tweeters, social networks, online
directories and user forums. It is about helping clients build out their
digital “footprints” and influence.

Social Fluency is a natural extension of core PR – when done right,
an integrated program will deliver better results than programs that
favor traditional media channels or just social media.

And it is social media with a purpose. The programs are very
specifically tailored to achieve goals such as brand building,
reputation management, awareness and lead generation.

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