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Quality Photos are Marketing Money

There have been many stories about the death of PR (see my post Circle of Life in PR).  And now it seems that SEO is being killed off too (see this Forbes piece). Yet, the last time I looked, the … Continue reading

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VCs Wake up to the fact that PR Actually Works

In the tech PR field, we have an interesting and sometimes tortured relationship with VCs. Especially for those of us that work with startups, we value the financial muscle that they bring. We greatly appreciate it when they they introduce … Continue reading

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Latest NY Tech Story Roundup: NY Chips away at Boston and The Valley

I saw a couple of interesting articles about NY tech this week.  Hannan, our summer intern from France, pointed out this Huffingtom Post story: NY Startups Help Fuel High-tech Renaissance.  It quotes NY Tech Meetup's Andrew Rasiej: "There is a … Continue reading

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How the Political News “Sausage” is Made: “Take this Quote and Cut it!”

Imagine that you work for a tech company, and just completed an interview for an important publication. You thought you nailed the briefing, but just to be sure, you decide to ask the reporter to see the article, or at … Continue reading

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July NY Tech Meetup Wrap – 9 Great Demos, and Networking Too

Fusion PR CEO Jordan Chanofsky and I attended the July NY Tech Meetup, which featured a great mix of demos, as always (there were no guest speakers this time around, so they managed to get even more demos in). They ranged … Continue reading

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Forget Big Data. Now, There’s “Big Soda” – and It’s not Happy

Most who follow the tech field know that everything big data is hot these days. I like to write about tech, and also follow the NY tech industry (see my recent post on Handshake 2.0 about NY tech). While techies … Continue reading

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