Forget Big Data. Now, There’s “Big Soda” – and It’s not Happy

Most who follow the tech field know that everything big data is hot these days. From banking, to construction, to retail, big data is being used in more and more industries. As it becomes cheaper and easier to use, it is transforming these industries. I like to write about tech, and 6a00d8341c3e6353ef00e553ebb70b8834-800wi also follow the NY tech industry.

While techies love big data here, too, it is Big Soda that has been in the news, regarding NYC’s plans to limit the size of soft drinks.

Just yesterday, the NY Times wrote about the soda companies’ PR and lobbying campaign to battle NY City’s ban on large soft drinks.  According to the Times:

…the American soft-drink industry is beginning an aggressive campaign to fight New York City’s proposed restrictions on large servings of sugary drinks.

Hoping for a debate about freedom, not fatness, the industry has created a coalition called New Yorkers for Beverage Choices to coordinate its public relations efforts in the city.

I guess you can’t blame the soft drink industry for trying. My view is that the city is getting up in our grills a bit too much (here in a nice motherly way, but the stop and frisk thing? I just don’t understand it. Seems like a real bad move and draws tons of negative coverage).

Doesn’t this place an unfair burden on the soft drink companies? I feel that we should be allowed to buy big gulps if we want them.

On the other hand, I don’t know if this is the hill that Big Soda really wants to die on, perhaps it would be a better move to give in and voluntarily reduce serving sizes. I doubt this campaign will incite people to rally in the streets and defend their rights to drink themselves silly and obese.

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