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Channeling the Voice of Customer to Monetize Web, PR and Social Media

The following post was written by Tony Grass, President, e-Market Intelligence We all hear about the advantages of social media, and most companies invest in Web content and PR. All too often, however, these efforts can be time, money and … Continue reading

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Witty, Sarcastic, Informative? Finding the Right Voice on Twitter

Marshall McLuhan famously stated that the medium is the message, this is very relevant for the worlds of communications and PR. Just like in fashion, where styles change over the seasons, modes of communication change. It is important to master … Continue reading

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New Tracx Features are Truly Earth Shaking

Asaf Shtekler of Tracx stopped by our offices in New York to catch up on things yesterday and tell me more about new functionality.  Readers of this blog may recall the post that I wrote about Tracx back in March … Continue reading

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Abercrombie & Fitch Lob Grenade at Jersey Shore Cast

Ah, the delicate and complicated dance between journalism and PR. We tempt them with our pitches. We run campaigns, events and sometimes stunts to get their attention and coverage. Many journalists say they are beyond our influence and ignore our … Continue reading

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Nordstrom NY Move: Charity, Good PR, Confusion?

The NY Times wrote yesterday about upscale department store Nordstrom's move into New York City.  Many retailers view NY as a key market and a window to the world. So they launch here with extravagant concept stores that seem to … Continue reading

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Standard & Poor Steals Headlines with “Ratings Hatchet”

They must really think there is no such thing as bad PR. No sooner did we get past the debt ceiling limit fight in Washington – a battle that left us all exhausted, but relieved that it was finally over … Continue reading

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Turning the PR Clip Book into a Digital Show Case

I posed a question awhile back on this blog the state of the PR clip book, and suggested that it was time to update this PR staple (or relic, as some might argue). I came back to the topic a … Continue reading

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Indian Point PR Campaign may pit Cuomo vs. Giuliani

For a PR person who loves to follow politics and lives in Northern Westchester County, NY, it just doesn't get any better. The NY Times reported today that Indian Point nuclear plant owner Entergy is in talks with former NYC … Continue reading

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