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PR 2011 Mashup

'Tis the season for predictions, state-of-the-industry wraps, and fruitcake. I am not a big fan of fruit cake, it is sickly sweet, and all the pontificating can get pretty rich and heavy too. But where would we be without these … Continue reading

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Battling PR’s Image Problem

It is a thankless and never ending job, battling PR's image problen, but one that I enjoy doing my small part in nonetheless.  Although the name of my blog might lead people to believe that it is more about score … Continue reading

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In PR, Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect

The PR Conversations blog had a nice post, Facing Up to the PR Challenge, about a skills shortage in the field, and what can and should be done about this. It emphasizes the importance of training, weighs the value of … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks takes a Page From PR

WikiLeaks has been much in the news, and I have blogged about it several times (see my most recent posts). The subject is very polarizing – you have the anarchists such as the hackers (who are launching attacks on perceived … Continue reading

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Leak Sites We’d Really Like to See

News broke yesterday about renegade Wiki Leakers' (is that redundant?) plans to start a kinder, gentler leak site called OpenLeaks, with a stated mission to serve up leaks without a political agenda. This led me to ask all kinds of … Continue reading

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WikiLeak Cables Reveal a Diplomatic Borat Moment

My post yesterday about diplomatic cables and PR writing referenced a passage that quoted a Kazakhstan  ambassador.  A commenter speculated that Sacha Baron Cohen is incorporating this into his next movie – I responded that the New York Times article … Continue reading

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Good PR and Diplomatic Cable Writing: Not so Different

People who read this blog might expect to see some dark humor here that relates to the title of the post and the WikiLeaks imbroglio. Well, I think SNL did a pretty good job of that over the weekend,with their … Continue reading

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Sham Wow and Your Next Tech PR/Marketing Campaign

What can tech marketers learn from infomercials? Products such as Sham Wow and PedEgg that are sold via infomercials often serve as the punch line in jokes.  Yet, as it turns out, there is a quite a bit you can … Continue reading

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A Publicist’s Touch and Sinatra’s Career: The Power of Branding and a Strong Headline

I had been seeing and hearing a lot about Frank Sinatra recently, and while reading the NY Times this morning, it became clear why the news has been covering the legendary crooner. There is a new book out about Sinatra's … Continue reading

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