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Axis of Eyeful: Apple Dominates Tech News, Followed by Google and Microsoft

Today's NY Times reported on a Pew Research study about trends in tech news coverage.  The research shows that Apple dominates tech news, followed by Google and Microsoft.  According to the article: A yearlong look at technology news coverage by … Continue reading

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Taming the Content Curation Beast

It is not easy, keeping all those social media outposts populated with fresh content. Well, the job  just got a little easier with CIThread, which offers Content Curation on Steroids, as Paul Gillin called it. CIThread makes it easy to … Continue reading

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What is PR’s Most Dangerous Game (share YOUR story)?

I read a WSJ article yesterday (Zookeeper Courted Danger to Attract Press and Visitors), about a zoo  publicity guy who got bit by a Cobra, and also lost two fingers to a chimpanzee, all in the name of his craft. … Continue reading

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Are People Born Good Writers? 9 Steps to Better Writing, from James Ellroy

Time magazine has a celebrity interview feature called "10 Questions."  A month or so ago, Time readers posed the questions to James Ellroy, author of great noirish fiction – a number of his books hit the best seller lists and … Continue reading

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Getting all Jerry Springer at the top of the Tech Heap

For those who were withering under the late summer heat, and ready for a breath of cool and refreshing near Autumn air, it came in the form of a series of news developments that injected some drama and excitement into … Continue reading

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Tracking Social Media Buzz on a Budget

Real time, social search options are growing in number and features, leaving people with fewer excuses for not keeping their "ears to the ground" when it comes to staying attuned to buzz that relates to companies, products and services. My … Continue reading

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Curing the Jargon Addiction

One of my recent posts focused on the proliferation of data center jargon. I discussed causes for this, and listed guilty parties such as analysts, corp. marketing departments and ad and PR agencies (yes, I work for a PR agency … Continue reading

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