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Blogging for a Free Iran

I have heard about a number of BlogCatalog "Bloggers Unite" campaigns. They seem to be worthy causes, and I decided it was time to jump in and participate and am doing so in honor of today's event, Bloggers Unite for … Continue reading

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Jamming the Frequencies: Fear, Loathing and How to Keep a Secret at Apple

One of the laws of buzz is scarcity.  Things that are in high demand but short supply tend to score well on the buzz index. This relates to information as well.  And, on that note, you have to admire Apple … Continue reading

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New eBook on Market Positioning

At Fusion PR, we have teamed up with Silicon Valley tech marketing and strategy guru Rebel Brown on many successful product launches and company rebranding/turnaround efforts. I am pleased to let you know that Rebel's new eBook It’s Not About … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Business with a Unique Logo

So you thought you knew everything there is to know about the most basic of marketing accessories, the logo?  Guess again.  This guest post from Ben Johnson of Logoinn, custom logo design shares some good advice. If you have been … Continue reading

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Don’t Become Social Media Roadkill in Your Organization

In my post Is ROI Overrated?, I advised against getting caught up in planning paralysis when it comes to social media If you are only just now contemplating a social media strategy, you may well be part of a big … Continue reading

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Spanning Time with Facebook

In crafting this post I was reminded of a scene from the great independent flick Buffalo '66.  The degenerate played by Vincent Gallo is posing in a photo booth with his waif girlfriend, played by Chrsitina Ricci.  They are rehearsing … Continue reading

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Tips for Staying Grounded Amidst a Turbulent Sea of Change

There has been  a number of posts and articles recently questioning the continuing relevance of blogs, and the staying power of Twitter and social networks. Handshake 2.0 blogger Anne Giles Clelland called my attention to this post, which predicted that … Continue reading

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Moment of Truth for PR

What are the perceptions of the PR profession's "brand" and reputation?  How should the field evolve to meet the needs of today? Read my post on Fusion PR Forum to find out more.

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Is ROI Overrated? Don’t Underestimate Soft Benefits of Social Media

There can be good reasons for diving headlong into a social media strategy and arguments for hedging bets and proceeding carefully.  I would venture to say that the greater danger is to sit on the sidelines and be too deliberative. … Continue reading

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Blogging and Twitter: a Powerful Combination

There has been lots of buzz recently about what I see as two different sides of the same coin.  Some call it "content marketing", and say it is the New PR.  Others use the term "inbound marketing." In either case, … Continue reading

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