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Words that Sparked a Tech Revolution

There was a good editorial in the  NY Times that related the power a couple of simple words can have in fomenting a revolution. The cited example was "Carbon Footprint."  In the piece "Some Doubts Upon Entering a New Carboniferous … Continue reading

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Movin’ on Up

I have tried to avoid some of the annoying tics I see on some other blogs such as name dropping and obsessing over the blog and its relative perch in the scheme of things.  Just the same, I think it … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Machine

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Welcome to the Machine

I delivered a seminar to the Fusion PR staff last week, and re-played at this session the by-now-famous video by KSU Professor Michael Wesch, the Machine is Us (above), as part of a crash course in the power of Web … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Tim and George

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Goodbye, Tim and George

First Tim Russert and then George Carlin – it has been a rough couple of weeks as we have lost two icons that I grew up with and loved – both suddenly and unexpectedly, both from heart problems, and now … Continue reading

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PR Death Watch Continues

The PR death watch continues.  On a Foremski-inspired rampage, I have previously gone after some sacred cows (see Death of Media Relations) and nothing can stop me now.  After all, what could a blog called Flack’s Revenge possibly be about … Continue reading

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So, This Client Walks into a Conference…

My client, an old school, sales-oriented, serial tech entrepreneur type attended a seminar put on by MarketingProfs last week about social media and marketing.  He said he wanted to update his skills and learn about some of the new tools … Continue reading

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Fake Steve Jobs, Real Newsweek Gig

The NY Post covered recent editorial moves that should be of interest to tech PR people. Dan Lyons, the ex-Forbes writer and Fake Steve Jobs guy is moving to Newsweek, according to the NY Post Media Ink piece Job for … Continue reading

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Vendor Briefing Tips, via Byte & Switch

Those in Tech PR who cover data storage should be very familiar with the online publication Byte & Switch.  In The Vendor Pitch Revisited, Mary Jander wrote there today about pet peeves for vendor briefings (thanks, Bennie, for pointing this … Continue reading

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