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This is an investigation! Hand over your PR files and emails…

If you are in PR and read the title of this post, your heart may be beating just a little bit faster now. Could it really happen to you? It's a natural concern, given the latest headlines. There have been … Continue reading

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4 “Present Shock” Trends – and What they Mean for PR

I interviewed author Doug Rushkoff in March ago regarding his book, Present Shock. In the book, Doug discusses trends that effect how we live, communicate and soak up and produce info and culture. One of the most startling relates to … Continue reading

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What Happens when Social and Traditional Media Worlds Collide

The Boston Marathon incident and aftermath vividly showed the interplay that can happen between social and traditional media, and what happens when these worlds collide. We saw a frenetic manhunt that pitted citizen sleuths vs. journalists and made the latter … Continue reading

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RTFC – Reading your Way to Tech PR Success

Before I got into tech PR, much earlier in my career, I worked in technical support. Back then, we had a saying for customers that did not want to take the time to try to figure things out for themselves … Continue reading

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