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My Interview with Author Doug Rushkoff

I met with Doug Rushkoff at the NY Tech Meetup earlier this month (see this post for my wrap of the event).. For those who may be unfamiliar with his work, Doug has written extensively about the media, communications and … Continue reading

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Will Courts Defend the “Right of Publicity?”

So what does Hugo Zacchini the human cannonball have in common with the NCAA and former Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller? All of the above have sought legal remedies against organizations that have used their images without compensation or consent, … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Propagates Myths About PR

I was taking in this week's Time Magazine, and, always on the prowl for good fodder for the blog, ran across a review of a new book on the PR field, called Deadly Spin. "Wonderful!" I thought, that is until … Continue reading

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The bed bugs ate my headline! (and the cure for this)

There is an old saying that holds particularly true in PR: "There's no accounting for taste." It is sometimes hard to understand why the media latches onto a particular story and will not let it go. This can be extremely … Continue reading

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Latest App, the Portable Schm**ck Detector, Combines Sentiment Analysis & Augmented Reality

I am on a caffeine-induced creative tear very early this morning, and am just overflowing with great ideas,  so please bear with me and hear me out while the thoughts are fresh in my mind, as they might not seem … Continue reading

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NY Tech Meetup Wrap

I attended my first NY Tech Meetup event yesterday, and really enjoyed it. At Fusion and Social Fluency,   we work with tech companies ffrom around the country and world, and it was great to take a step closer to the … Continue reading

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Assault on the Media: When Politicians Attack

When politicians go on the attack it is a sure sign that it is campaign season, and the targets often are other politicians. However, as the New York Times wrote yesterday, in this election cycle, it would seem that the … Continue reading

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