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Introducing the Mob Formerly Known as the Audience

Online media, blogs and 24 hour cable news have all contributed to drastically compressed news cycles over the past few years.  Now, new tools that give people ways to broadcast updates in real time or near real time are threatening … Continue reading

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Tidbits from Vacationland

I am on a lighter than my typically light posting routine because I am on vacation here in Southern Florida this week.  Since I started blogging, my vacation routine of vegging in the sun for countless hours digesting the Sunday … Continue reading

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Stepford Wonks

As I said in my post Influencers Gone Wild in the Blogosphere, it would only be shrewd to consider that there might be hidden allegiances and agendas amongst the bloggers and other influencers you seek to approach for coverage. But … Continue reading

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Pitching Bloggers: Hold the Spin

There are many important differences between pitching tradional media and bloggers.  As I mentioned in my post Influencers Gone Wild, many bloggers have hidden agendas: A danger in treating bloggers as just another breed of media or analyst misses the … Continue reading

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Endangered PR “Species” Continued

In my post Death of Media Relations I started a death watch list of "old school" PR tools and tactics that look increasingly out-of-step with some of the changing realities of these times. Although I did not specifically call out … Continue reading

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When it Comes to Naming, Mind your Ps, Qs and TLAs

They say that using  acronyms as names is the last resort of the unimaginative. In the Network World article Who’s Minding the Acronym Store? Steve Taylor and Jim Metzler describe another reason to take care with acronyms: the potential confusion … Continue reading

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The Thrill of the Startup in Tech PR

I sometimes reflect on the types of client companies I enjoy working with and promoting. No question, there is the "prestige factor" that comes from working with the largest companies.  The press are more open to pitches involving these companies … Continue reading

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The Changing Nature of Influence

I have been writing a lot about about this topic recently, and did not realize I was missing a debate that was raging in this arena until I read the MediaPost Online Spin article: Peers vs. Influencers: What Marketers Need … Continue reading

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Death of Media Relations

As long as we are picking our figurative deaths (recall Tom Foremski famously proclaimed the Death of the Press Release) I thought it might be time to declare the Death of Media Relations. Not as in the sense: "the media … Continue reading

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PR for PR, and (social media releases)

I have not done an exhaustive survey,  but get the sense that the social media release is not registering much beyond a small number of forward thinking PR people and marketers.  I also feel that the PR profession  has some … Continue reading

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