PR Gets Personal

Personal branding; some love it and some dismiss it as an exercise in narcissism and self promotion.

But promoting personalities vs. company brands is a key part of PR.  Whether you are old, young, building your own profile, or your CEO’s, it is key to understand why personal branding is important and how it works.

We discussed this at length in a Defining PR roundtable I participated in (see my blog wrap).  And in the last PR, Done & Doner episode, guest Stacey Ross Cohen dug deep into the topic.

She is an old friend – we have known each other since third grade, and coincidentally built careers in the same field. Stacey earned her stripes on Madison Avenue and at major TV networks before launching and growing her own PR agency, Co-Communications.  She is a frequent speaker at TedX and industry conferences.

On the podcast we discussed her new book, Brand Up (co-authored by Jason Shaffer and Alan Katzman), and the personal and company branding connection. We also explored the challenges and opportunities in personal branding, from the junior employee to the C-suite, covering these topics and others:

  • Why it’s important to get started early building your own brand
  • The CEO as a brand asset
  • Countering personal branding misperceptions
  • The 3Ds of personal branding: discovery, development, and delivery
  • Magnetic content: why you need to be your own communications channel
  • How to encourage employees to advocate for the company brand
  • Should brands get political?
  • Managing the tension between personal branding and your work

It was a great conversation, and always fun catching up with her, Thanks, Stacey, for sharing your insight!

Here is the YouTube video of the interview. Check it out, and hit Like and Subscribe if you enjoy the content.


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