No one Cares about Your News – Now What? Join us on 2/23

The game is changing in marketing and PR. There’s increasing competition for the SMW New Yorkcustomer’s attention. It’s difficult to get anyone to care about news, content and brands.

Traditionally, most sought press coverage to build awareness and credibility. However, it is tougher to get the media to cover PR-driven news these days. And people don’t need to read articles to vet new products and services.  They can just search Google, or learn about them from friends, family and colleagues on Twitter or Facebook.

But you have KPIs nipping at your heels! You need to build buzz and visibility now! What is the secret to getting attention and motivating action?

Join us at our seminar in two weeks during Social Media Week NYC to find out. It is on 2/23, from 2-4pm at Work-Bench (110 Fifth Avenue).

Click on the link to sign up through SMW (if it says “Sold out” or you are having any difficulties, please send an email to – we will do our best to make room for you).  Hash tag #SMWGetNoticed


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