Introducing PR, Done and Doner!

We are proud to introduce PR: Done and Doner, a podcast that equips tech PR and marketing pros with the info needed to get the best possible results.

It is not just about mastering the changing world of earned media, although that is key part (and not getting any easier, most agree). We take a more expansive view, and understand that modern PR goes well beyond scoring press hits. To help companies succeed, the tech comms pro of today must have many more arrows in the quiver.

So, expect to see episodes that cover earned and paid media, content, messaging, reputation, positioning, branding, SEO, digital, analyst and influencer relations, and more – in an informative and easily digestible format with video and audio. (As you can probably guess by the title and art, it’s intended to be a fun, provocative, irreverent affair. Hopefully not too dumb; or overdone).

The show is hosted by Fusion PR principals (and tech PR veterans) Bob Geller and Jordan Chanofsky.  We’ll interview guest who are experts – renowned authors and practitioners who can shed light on the latest strategies, tactics and best practices.

You have PR questions?  We have answers: done! (And doner).

Episode 1: Maximizing Analyst Relations, with Robin Schaffer

In this episode, Bob Geller interviews Robin Schaffer, an industry analyst relations expert.  Her company Schaffer AR helps B2B tech companies maximize results with analysts and get top placement in their reports.  Here, Robin counters myths and misperceptions about analysts, and answers the most common questions asked by PR teams, such as:

  • When is the right time to hire an analyst firm?
  • What to invest and when?
  • Hire a big or boutique firm?
  • Is it pay for play?
  • They are miscategorizing us (or there is no category) – what to do?

PR, Done and Doner is available on Anchor, Spotify and other popular podcasting channels.

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