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I realized that I have been making a lot of noise on the Fusion PR website about PR, Done & Doner – but have said nothing here. Three great episodes in, I guess it is about time.

The podcast was conceived to equip tech PR and marketing with the info needed to get the best possible results, in an informative and easily digestible format. (As you can probably guess by the title and art, it’s intended to be a fun, provocative, irreverent affair. Hopefully not too dumb; or overdone).

We publish via – you can download audio-only versions there, and from all popular podcasting platforms. To check out videos, head over to Fusion’s YouTube channel.

We publish once a month, and so far, have covered:

Episode 1: I interviewed Robin Schaffer, an industry analyst relations expert.  Her company Schaffer AR helps B2B tech companies maximize results with analysts and get top placement in their reports. Robin countered myths and misperceptions about analysts, and answered the most common questions asked by PR teams, such as:

  • When is the right time to hire an analyst firm?
  • What to invest and when?
  • Hire a big or boutique firm?
  • Is it pay-for-play?
  • They are miscategorizing us (or there is no category) – what to do?

Episode 2: Kevin Maney, co-founder of strategy consulting firm Category Design Advisors, joined me to discuss how tech companies can achieve market leadership.

It’s a noisy and competitive word in technology. How to stand apart? It gets down to creating and owning a category. Kevin offered learnings based on his many years working as a consultant, top journalist and co-author of Play Bigger.

We also got into PR tactics, explored what tech marketing can learn from infomercials, and how to reinvent the press release.

In Episode 3, which just dropped this week, guest Mark Traphagen,  VP of Product Marketing and Training for SEOclarity, joined me to discuss the state of SEO and relevance for PR. Search continues to drive most website traffic, yet many in the PR field are unsure of how to leverage it for the best content and earned media results. Mark is an award-winning veteran of Internet and search marketing. He sheds light on the following questions and topics:

  • The latest updates to Google’s search algorithm
  • Blogging and website content for improved SEO and PR
  • Can startups displace the giants in search results?
  • Why good UX is so important
  • How to combine SEO and PR for the best results

We welcome suggestions for topics and speakers – so hope you enjoy it, and please chime in!

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