Acting the Part (of Thought Leader and Spokesperson)

I had the great pleasure of meeting Brette Goldstein when my old friend Jeffrey Koeppel introduced us a while back. He’s a Maryland-based corporate, securities, and M&A lawyer who knows Brette from his work in the film business.

Brette is a dynamo, someone who uniquely focuses on helping actors and corporate executives deliver their best performances. Since I work in PR, and also help execs hone their performances (well, media interview skills) we had a lot to talk about when we met.

Flash forward a year-and-a-half and I thought it would be great to have Brette on the podcast, to discuss her special brand of performance coaching.

It’s based on the premise that you can fundamentally improve interview and presentation skills. While the media training we provide at Fusion PR often focuses on story telling, the art of bridging to key messages, and navigating tricky questions, Brette teases out the more personality and stylistic-driven factors that can demonstrate confidence and authority.

She helps execs learn how to channel role models and archetypes, sometimes using famous actors as muses. As Brette says, she can identify anyone’s start qualities, that “comfort food” that get people out of their own way so their charisma emerges.

You can get a high level view in our latest podcast, Episode 11 of PR, Done & Doner. Brette Goldstein shared her advice and insight and explained:

  • The importance of identifying your “special sauce”
  • The importance of archetypes and role models
  • Six questions that can prepare you and help you bring your own voice:
    • What is your objective? (about key takeaways, the call to action)
    • What is your relationship (with your interviewer, and their audience – the “scene partners”)?
    • Setting (where are you in space and time)?
    • How do you want the audience to feel? (It is not just about facts, figures, and informing them)
    • What is the genre (the medium)?
    • Why you (gets to your special sauce)?

Brette Goldstein

Brette Goldstein has cast over 50 films, five TV series, over 300 commercials, countless plays, seven pilot presentations, and various new media projects.  Brette also works with executives at large, well known enterprises, non profits, and tech startups, bringing their authentic voice to the “role” for presentations, interiews, etc.

You can read her full bio and find Brette’s contact details at

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