Diego Pineda on Why you Need Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing

I saw a piece of content that drew me in recently.  It was a story on Medium by Solo Thought Leader author Diego Pineda called Content Marketing is Dying; Here’s why you need to Develop Thought Leadership Instead.

My first reaction was, “give me a break! Another XXX is dead (or dying) story! More clickbait fodder.”

So I clicked.  While wondering:

“OK you got me. I am taking a look.  But why is content marketing dying, Diego? And why just focus on thought leadership, you can do both, right?”

I read through the piece and found that it was actually well researched and compelling, about the value of investing in thought leadership vs. content marketing (if you are not already a big player or established brand).  

The article explained a lot, but I still had questions; so I tracked down Diego Pineda and asked if he’d like to come on our podcast, PR, Done & Doner for an interview.  He graciously agreed.

We discussed the topic in detail, and Diego expounded on these areas:

  • How to develop a unique framework and PoV
  • Why it is important to take a stand
  • The need to publish or perish
  • How and where to cutlivate communities
  • Influencers vs. creators vs. thought leaders

See below for Diego’s bio, and listen to the podcast on Spotify and other channels; or watch a video of the interview, above.

Diego Pineda is the author of two novels, 9 non-fiction books, and hundreds of articles and blogs as a science writer, a business writer, and a sales and marketing writer. He started his career as a medical writer while writing fiction on the side.  Diego is also a book coach helping solopreneurs and business leaders write their first book fast so they can become thought leaders in their industries, gain authority and visibility, and make more money.test

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