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And One More thing… David Carr Deconstructs Apple’s Media Playbook

It is an old saying in PR: “there is no accounting for taste.”  Said another way (as we teach in media training), in any market, one company will rise to the top, fueled by “story energy”.   The media will … Continue reading

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Who needs a Strategy? Just Schmooze us Please

I wrote in my post that Hate Spin?… that we get the news stories, and hence PR, that we want.  But do we sometimes want more spin than we get? This thought occurred to me regarding a story that was … Continue reading

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Tech startups, Want to Go Big? Get PR Help, for the Love of God

When giving advice, it generally helps to have real credentials, such as professional experience in a field.  But I have noticed a trend in which armchair flacks such as VCs, journalists and CEOs spew forth about PR (saying things like … Continue reading

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