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Is Crowdfunding the New Tech PR Press Release?

We glamorize entrepreneurship. This can be seen in the things that we read, and that get covered in the media; "new" can often mean newsworthy, and startups have a certain allure for the tech journalist or blogger. But there is … Continue reading

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Google to SMBs: Don’t rely on PPC, use Search, Social and PR for Top Results

SMBs that have wanted to improve results through online marketing have often turned to Google and AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. There is no question that shrewdly planned PPC campaigns generate results and hard ROI. However, the growing popularity of this … Continue reading

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Is a Town Hall Debate an Example of Content Marketing? One Authority Says “Yes”

My monthly column on Windmill Networking, which went live today, focuses on content marketing in politics – and the lessons that we can learn and apply. Despite its title is ("Hail to the Content Chief"), the article was intentionally non-partisan.  … Continue reading

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The Hidden PR Persuaders

I am writing about a topic that you don't see buzzed about much on the PR blogs: persuasion.   Perhaps we don't talk about it because PR people might not like to see themselves as persuaders (my fellow Windmill Networking … Continue reading

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