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Elements of Effective Content Curation

Tom Riddle of CIThread wrote a series of posts for the Social Fluency blog on the topic of content curation. He discussed opportunities and challenges of harvesting content and expertise for the purposes of social media engagement.  Content curation can … Continue reading

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Fancy Ketchup (“Squirt in Mouth and Just Add Fries!”)

Does anyone like those ketchup packets that they hand out at delis and fast food places? Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday about this, and a new one that Heinz will be coming out with to improve on the ketchup packet … Continue reading

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Arrington Spins Out (“We’re super excited about our relationship with him going forward”)

I was on vacation last week and intentionally shut off work, tweeting and blogging to relax for a bit.  I did watch the headlines and tracked the story about CrunchFund (wow, sounds yummy), the new VC arm of AOL/TechCrunch, and … Continue reading

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Bloomberg, Bartz, Arrington Departs: Axe-giving Gone Wild

Two recent high profile departures were in the news – less for the circumstances leading up to them, and more so about how the message was carried (a third one, too, but I will get to this). The first involved … Continue reading

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4 Pillars of Effective Blogging

It can be a challenge to implement and sustain successful corporate blogging programs.  Today, Tom Riddle of CIThread has contributed a guest post on the Social Fluency blog about this topic. He describes the challenges and starts to outline solutions,as … Continue reading

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On the Internet, Nobody knows if You are a Dog – or a Friend

Judy Gombita wrote a nice guest post for Marketing Mel, a very thoughtful essay about the layers of   friendships and relationships.  Judy reflected on a term that she learned from one of her teachers when she was in school ("friendlies" … Continue reading

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