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The Circle of Life in PR

Death is part of life. Predators feast on prey, thinning herds and improving the health of the greater ecosystem.  Carrion fertilizes the fields.  Fauna bloom and provide sustenance for the herds. And, so, the cycle continues. The circle of life … Continue reading

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Social Media: Impact on Organizations

Social media is not only changing how we communicate.  It is also changing how organizations work, and how they are perceived.  I have a post on the Social Fluency blog today that discusses the broader implications of democratized communications.  It … Continue reading

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In Comedy and Interviews, it’s all about Timing and Segues Doug Benson – Working on Segues Futurama New Episodes Funny Demon Zombie TV Show Funny TV Comedy Blog I enjoy listening to Slacker Radio on my BlackBerry when I go running.  While some like to workout to music, … Continue reading

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Can’t We all Just Get Along, Online?

There were two excellent op eds this week, one in the NY Times and one in the WSJ, both related to how we communicate online. David Brooks' piece Riders on the Storm describes research from years ago that hypothesized that … Continue reading

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Twitter Unintended Consequences: Are we all headed for that “Tim Russert Moment?”

I love the Sunday morning political TV shows, and used to very much enjoy watching Tim Russert as host of Meet the Press on NBC.  It really was very sad for me, to learn about the news of his early … Continue reading

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Fried Eggs Asks “What’s Cracking,” giving PR Something to Crow about (and with)

It is nothing short of amazing, the innovation in social media.  This can present a challenge in terms of  constantly needing to keep up (as I alluded to in my post on Social Fluency) .  On the other hand, there … Continue reading

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Tiger Smash: Trash Talking of the Brands

It is nice once in awhile to step outside my usual role in the technology field and consider the larger world around me.  As a sports enthusiast, I was fascinated to watch Tiger Woods' reentry into golf leading up to … Continue reading

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NYT Proclaims Age of Publicity, Communications Staff and Strategy

Like many other areas of the business world today, the field of PR is experiencing its share of difficulties (see my recent post on the topic, in which I described some depressing numbers about the state of traditional PR). That … Continue reading

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Social Media Baby Steps

I have a post on the Social Fluency blog today.  I was going to call it "Everything I Know About Social Media, I learned in Kindergarten" but my team thought this was cliched and came up with something cheekier (and … Continue reading

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Wikileaks, the New Face of Investigative Journalism?

Until recently, was a little known website that outed sensitive information about businesses and government.  The site has now achieved prominence by posting a video of a U.S. Army air assault in Baghdad that killed Reuters photographers. In finding … Continue reading

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