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3 Metrics to Help Stop Abandoned Blog Syndrome

The following is a guest post by Anne Giles Clelland of Handshake 2.0 Know thyself. – Inscription at the Delphic Oracle Know thyself. Although the reasons for why we do what can be both, most of us tend to be one more than … Continue reading

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Introducing Tomorrow’s Topic and Guest Blogger

Blogging and Twitter offer a smorgasbord, a constellation of people to communicate with  and share info and ideas.  I am constantly amazed by this, and have "met" a bunch of great people that I otherwise never would have. Yet, the … Continue reading

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Good Pitch Blog (post)

I thought my last post, What is YOUR Brand of Social Media Snake Oil?, was provocative, and might stir up some controversy, if not flames and violent disagreement. (For the record, I really do believe what I posted and did … Continue reading

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What is YOUR Brand of Social Media Snake Oil?

I have a post on Social Fluency today about a backlash to social media consultants that may be brewing. I can relate to this.  Although I don't mean to discount the success of the social media elite, I am not … Continue reading

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My Wrap on SxSW

I attended the South by Southwest show for the first time this year and found it to be very worthwhile.  I learned a lot, made some great new business contacts, and caught up with a bunch of people I had … Continue reading

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Media Wonderland: Down a Rabbit Hole and Through a Looking Glass

Several stories recently made me think we are edging toward a strange new reality – one in which everything is distorted.  It brings to mind Alice in Wonderland.  Or, perhaps the better analogy is the quantum physics world, where the … Continue reading

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Tech PR, The Reality Show

I got the chance to watch SPINdustry, the new show on E!, and thought "big deal – one  more reality show about PR that gives everyone the wrong impression of what the field is really about." In saying this I … Continue reading

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Help Your Info Rise to the Top

I wrote a post for the Social Fluency blog that explains how to get attention for your information: Top Tips for Giving Your Info an Edge Please see below for an abbreviated version, and visit the link for the complete … Continue reading

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Are you a Serial (Agency) Killer?

I wrote a post on the Fusion PR Forum blog today that explorers the phenomenon of the serial PR agency switcher. Many companies find that they need to switch gears with regard to agencies and PR quite often.  The post … Continue reading

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