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Efficiency and Rapid ROI the new Black in Tech

In an article that was generally pessimistic (Suppliers Say Spending Still Tight), the Wall Street Journal identified pockets of growth in tech today. The fine print in the earnings season wrap was that IT buyers are still putting the squeeze … Continue reading

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Famous Publicity Stunts in Tech PR

Yesterday's post made me wax nostalgic and think of famous tech PR stunts, especially those which hijacked the big industry events, like CES and the former Comdex show. Certainly, I have been involved in my share of PR stunts (could … Continue reading

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Ambush Marketing and Tech PR

The WSJ had a Business Insight supplement earlier this week. Published in collaboration with the MIT Sloan School, the section  included a number of very good articles.  A few covered tech-related topics (e.g. stories on IT platforms and process management). … Continue reading

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Bud Light Commercial – Too Light Too Heavy

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Too Light / Too Heavy in PR

One of the things I actually like about Mondays is the NY Times Business section.  The paper makes up for the lack of hard business news from the weekend by running features, with a heavy emphasis on tech and media.  … Continue reading

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If Vendors Tweaked Product Lineups like Networks Shuffled Late night TV

As a PR guy, I find It nothing short of incredible how the Leno-O'Brien drama has played out on the public stage.NBC confirmed its plans to change the lineup early on.  Since then, there's been an outcry from O'Brien fans.  … Continue reading

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Death of the Issues pitch, Revenge of the press release

My colleague Bennie tweeted a story from Ragan's yesterday – Don't Trash Press Releases Yet – which reminded me of a post I have been considering.  Since I have been scooped, I might as well go out with my post … Continue reading

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NY Times Covers Stories Related to Public Image/PR

I took a flight from NY to Northern California today for client and new business meetings.  After doing some some work, I read the NY Times and noted no less than three stories in the Business section related to PR/public … Continue reading

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Bud Light Lime “In the Can” Commercial (Edgy Content Alert)

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Attention Disorder – So Just What Were those Pilots Doing/Watching?

It defies reason, that those pilots over shot their mark at Minneapolis because they were engrossed in analyzing and discussing new routes on their laptops (CNN story). Yet in the time since, I have not heard anything to contradict their … Continue reading

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