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PR 2009 – The Color of Brand

  If you are involved with PR, the you must be dealing with some kind of problem, right? Or do you have a crisis? Are you caught up in a PR meltdown or an issue?  These are the modifiers often … Continue reading

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Best practices in trash talking: Crush the competition and make grown men cry, in 3 easy steps

So, who knew that there's a proven formula for trash talking, and that someone has spent time studying and cultivating this fine skill? The NYT sports section had a story yesterday that reported on NY Jets linebacker Bart Scott's trash … Continue reading

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How Good (or Bad) is AT&T’s Network? The Power of Brands and Narrative in Shaping Public Perception

AT&T's cellular network leaves a lot to be desired, according to many.  However, if you are willing to put up with it, you too can become the proud owner of an iPhone, since AT&T is still the only network that … Continue reading

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One More Blog and Twitter Content Generation Idea

In addition to the ideas I mentioned recently (and the ones from other referenced blogs, see below), I realized that there is another great strategy that can provide a rich vein of topics for blogging and tweeting;  one that many … Continue reading

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What to Blog

A number of my clients who have started blogs are running into the age-old (well, years old by now, anyway) question: what to blog? Successful blogs are not all over the map, they tend to hew to a topical area … Continue reading

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PR Golden Turkey Award goes to Tiger Woods

Day 5 and the silence continuesI am a bit late on my annual Golden Turkey awards (this Thanksgiving I actually did get me some fried  turkey, see photo, thanks brother Mark!), but one obvious candidate is Tiger Woods. Last night … Continue reading

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