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Serendipity: Not dead yet, not by long shot

Damon Darlin wrote in his NY Times article Serendipity, Lost in the Digital Deluge that a downside of the Digital Age is a loss in serendipitous information discovery: WE’VE gained so much in the digital age. We get more entertainment … Continue reading

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Clip Book of the Future

While assembling yet another new business deck with yet another array of impressive news clips, I got to thinking that perhaps this staple will soon be another relic of the trade, and deserving of a mention in my PR Death … Continue reading

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Obama v. Media: Is Tiff with Fox well Advised?

There was a good article in the NY Times Sunday Week in Review, The Battle is Joined; Now What? about the Obama administration's much talked-about dust up with the Fox News.  According to the story: Administration officials seemed to have … Continue reading

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Flack’s Revenge Relaunching as Cloud-based Service

I am pleased to inform my readers that Flack's Revenge will be relaunching as a cloud-based service. I can no longer put off this move as the clamor for all things cloud-based has become just too great to ignore.  My … Continue reading

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Crafting Stories that Stick: Be brief or go long?

We are in an era dominated by 140 character sound bytes and countless information sources clamoring for our attention.  As such, it has never been more important to keep your communications brief, interesting and on target if you want to … Continue reading

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What to do when your innovation doesn’t quite fit – 3 tips

A New York Times article (It's Brand New, but Make It Sound Familiar) discussed the importance of picking the right product category when it comes to marketing and introducing products. This was Ironic, as I saw the story right after … Continue reading

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FTC Rules on Blogger Endorsements: End of Everything? (or monetizing conversations, anyway)

I am amazed about the sheer volume of buzz about the new FTC rules that cover paid (or otherwise compensated) blogger endorsements. Although much of the focus has centered on product reviews, reading through the articles, Tweets and posts shows … Continue reading

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David Letterman, Stand up Crisis Manager

The media and everyone else continue to buzz about the Letterman affair(s).  I thought I'd take a few moments to share my perspective on it. From a professional communicator's standpoint, I think Letterman has handled this masterfully. In crisis communications, … Continue reading

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Signal vs. Noise: A Cadre of Content Creators does not a Social Media Strategy make

There seems to be a growing notion that Tweets or blog posts by the pound are an effective way to gain attention and drive website traffic.  The corollary to this is the old saw that "content is king."  Just hire … Continue reading

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