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Billion Dollar Baby (Twitter and the Value of Buzz)

Twitter is raising new money in an effort that would assign a value of $1 billion to the company.  This, for a company that seems remarkably unconcerned about beating a path to any realistic business model.  What does such a … Continue reading

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Press Embargoes – Just say No! (or “No Thank You”)

Well, Arrington has once again voiced his disapproval for embargoes. For the uninitiated, embargoes and exclusives are deals that PR firms strike with media regarding advanced notice about news and timing of publication for related stories. In his post on … Continue reading

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Slang vs. Tech Jargon: So different? (I’m Just Sayin’)

An article in the NY Times last month described how the Internet is the shortening the shelf life of slang. According to the story: The number of slang dictionaries is growing, both online and off, not to mention social networking … Continue reading

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The Pro, the Shmoe and the Joe: Icons Behaving Badly

We had a couple of weeks packed with celebrity meltdowns and rehabilitation attempts. By now everyone is familiar with tennis pro Serena William's meltdown at the US Open, rapper Kanye West's MTV VMA outburst, and South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson's … Continue reading

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Interview with Gilad Lotan (“Retweeting the Iranian Revolution” Dude)

MIT Technology Review covered an effort by developer Gilad Lotan that visually charted the spread of Twitter buzz caused by the recent unrest in Iran.  According to the article: During the Iranian elections in June, microblogging site Twitter became a … Continue reading

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Advances in Online News Analysis & Classification

The NY Times recently covered promising developments in the area of tools that help analyze online news and information. The article Hot Story to Has Been described several efforts under way that aim to chart the evolution and propagation of … Continue reading

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From Journos Unplugged to Paid Blogger Plugs: Whom Do you Trust?

The NY Times public editor (an ombudsman for the paper) wrote about potential conflicts of interest regarding tech gadget writer David Pogue.  The article describes Pogue's many and varied activities: In addition to his weekly “State of the Art” column … Continue reading

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It’s an App, App, App, App, App, App World

It's occurred to me that there has been a shift in how we think about and use software. The growth of the iPhone, it's app store and myriad others, of smart phones in general and all the apps that go … Continue reading

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Multitasking is Like Functioning on a 0.16 Blood Alcohol Level

I am fresh back from not quite a full week away from the office.  It was as a nice break, although I am not sure you could call it a vacation.  I took my daughter, who is now a high … Continue reading

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