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Matt Lauer Challenges Santelli in Defense of PR

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Matt Lauer Comes to the Defense of PR

It is interesting to watch and get a sense of the new Obama administration's communications style, to see if some of the tactics that proved to be  effective in campaign mode carry over to governing. So far, I am encouraged … Continue reading

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Just “Planting Seeds” About RSS

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Has RSS Outlived its Usefulness?

I am not making predictions or highly exaggerating reports of the demise of RSS, just "planting seeds" as the hilarious (and unfortunately deceased) comedian Bill Hicks might say (see this video for more context). I fell in love with RSS … Continue reading

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From “Command and Control” to a Decentralized Marketing Model

It has occurred to me that the reason most companies (and corporate marketing departments in particular) just don't get it when it comes to social media is that they are having a hard time leaving behind the rapidly receding world … Continue reading

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PR and the Decline of Western Civilization

USA Today reviewed the book "PR: A Persuasive Industry? Spin, Public Relations and the Shaping of Modern Media" I have not read the book yet, but the review included some interesting tidbits worth commenting on. The authors are apparently from … Continue reading

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Advanced Media Training: Preparing for the Larry King Show

So congratulations, you have secured that all important gig on CNN's Larry King show. What does one do to prepare for this?  The video below offers some assistance.  It provides a simulator that will take you though the rigors of … Continue reading

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Observations from the Tech PR Front Lines

There are a bunch of conversations, thoughts and resources I had meant to turn some into blog posts over the past few weeks.  Working under the theory that one big post is better than a bunch of minor ones, I … Continue reading

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Into the Vortex: Our Turn in front of the News Cameras

Our family had a pretty wild experience this weekend.  Being in the PR business, I try to keep an ear to the ground as far as what stories the news media are working on.  My colleague Lisa alerted me that … Continue reading

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Fed Up

I am consumed by feeds.   RSS, social network updates and Twitter provide an unprecedented ability to tune in to content and conversations and catch what is being buzzed about almost instantly. Services like let you update several feeds from … Continue reading

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