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How SMBs can Build Sales with Social Media

In her Handshake 2.0  blog post, Anne Giles Clelland nicely summarized a discussion consisting of threads across email, Twitter, blogs and telephone about affordable ways for small businesses to leverage social media for increased sales. I thought I'd reiterate some … Continue reading

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Closing the Empathy Gap in Tech PR

The NY Times featured an interview with Dev Patnaik, author of "Wired to Care", about the importance of developing a sense of empathy with customers.  His main point is that, despite all the noise that is made about the need … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Montetization for the SMB

Anne Giles Clelland posed an interesting question via Twitter about Web 2.0 monetization strategies for the SMB.   It is a great question, and one a lot of people are asking these days: "cut through all the hype, what can … Continue reading

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Obama, A Boon for Tech

They say all politics is local, my "neighborhod" is tech. I don't want to appear to be myopic by focusing on just this aspect of the Obama administration amidst all the inauguration after glow.  But let's face it, the sector … Continue reading

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HOLY CRAP!!! (Real Time News Power of Twitter)

It has been much talked about, but I got to experience the real time news power of Twitter first- hand last Thursday when that plane went down in the Hudson River. I was in the middle of sitting in on … Continue reading

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Your News Crystal Ball in Tech PR

  Good PR is about being fast, smart and creative.  You want to get a sense of where the media will go next, and be there waiting and ready to help them build their stories, a step ahead of everyone … Continue reading

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Enterprise Reporting for Dummies

The No Train, No Gain site website – a training resource for journalists – has a page on enterprise reporting, a sort of "how to" guide that I thought my tech PR readers would find interesting.   I first saw this … Continue reading

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Copywriter’s Alchemy: Turning Mud into Gold

At a dinner party over the break, the husbands retired to the living room after the meal and sat in front of a cozy fire while the wives continued chatting in the dining room. The conversation amongst the men turned … Continue reading

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The Revolution will be Tweeted (“Your Nation has Been Disgraced on Twitter!”)

My news radar has been tuned to "Twitter + PR" for some time now.   As this blog has maintained, Twitter is quickly being co-opted by forward thinking communications professionals everywhere. It is only a matter of time before your client … Continue reading

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Catching up on things: Social Searching & Graphing Tools, etc.

It has been a nice couple of weeks, relatively quiet at work and the long weekends rounded out the year and softened the impact of launching into 2009.  I used my days off as an opportunity to relax, spend time … Continue reading

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